StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing


A loose index/contents arrives

Some journals publish indexes and/or contents as separate items. These loose indexes will usually arrive with the first or last issue of a volume tucked inside the main issue (although in rare cases they will arrive with a mid-volume issue).

For a loose index:

  • Please be careful when handling these. Most of them consist only of a few pages without a sturdy cover and are fragile.
  • Check the loose index in as a separate item:
    • Often, the check-in card will already have an expected box in place for the index (see the image below for what an index/contents check-in box looks like in Sierra).
    • If you need to create an index box, be sure to place the index box directly after the last issue featured in the index:
      • Right-click the box after the last issue of the volume that the index is for.
      • Select “box menu” and then “insert index boxes before selected.”
      • In the Add Index Boxes table, verify that the date and enumeration are correct (generally the year and volume number), then click OK.
    • Loose indexes always go directly to BINDING. When the labels print out, with a pencil, cross out the location at the top of the call number label and pencil in “bind.” 
    • Count the loose index with a hash mark on the statistics sheet under Binding.
    • Drop it in the binding basket.Since it is going to Binding, do not stamp or strip.

Loose index check-in boxes as they appear in Sierra:

Index check-in boxes