StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Claimed Issues Received in Mail

An issue with a claim on it has arrived (indicated by the status of item = "Claimed" in check-in card).

While sorting the mail, separate the possible claims into their own stack (these include issues with earlier cover dates, i.e. monthly magazines from previous months, quarterlies from previous seasons, previous years, or no season indicated, issues that you recognize as damage replacements or from past claims, etc.). The issues in this stack will generally be processed after the high-frequency titles received on the same mail cart.

Check in the issue normally and remove any claim notes associated with the issue in the check-in record. (NOTE: Do not remove 5-dash (-----) claim notes in the Check-In Record, as these are meant to be permanent).If the issue requires any special procedure that involves placing it anywhere else, such as a sup review, frequency change, etc., it is best to resolve the claim by deleting the claim notes before sending it off to the next step. If the item is a replacement copy for a damaged issue, but the replacement is also damaged, it is best to keep the claim notes until a good copy arrives or a replacement decision is made.

NOTE: Sometimes issues marked "unavailable" in the check-in card eventually arrive. A common cause of issues being marked unavailable is difficulty claiming them. If you receive an issue marked "unavailable," change the status to "expected," make any other necessary adjustments to the card, and then check the item in. Delete any obsolete claim notes associated with the issue.