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Serials Receiving Specialist Job Duties Overview

Serials Receiving Specialist Overview:


Receiving involves the reception of print serials (both continuation and periodical) in all formats, checking-in said serials, and then processing those print serials for circulation.


Receiving Responsibilities:


This entails working in the Sierra and OCLC catalogs and completing a variety of procedures:

  • Confirm the title and publisher.
  • Confirm volume, issue and cover date information.
  • Identify erratum, index, and supplements.
  • Create new check-in and item records as required.
  • Search and identify titles not in Sierra, following procedures for no record items.
  • Keep accurate accounting of received items by keeping physical format and non-print format statistics.
  • Perform record maintenance by editing check-in cards and records as needed. 
  • Assist in maintaining the validity of online bibliographic and check-in records. 
  • Physically process materials according to procedures. 
  • Verify standing orders and invoices. 
  • Assist in stamping, stripping, and processing materials to be shelf-ready.
  • Provide information to various Serials Staff who may need to know about notifications and changes in order to update various records in Sierra.
  • Coordinate with Serials Cataloging, Binding/Preservation, and other relevant units as required.
  • Assist in the management and creation of physical reproductions in print or other formats for specific materials that may be received only in electronic formats.