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Serials Department Guidelines on How to Process Supplements

Below you will use the Serials Department documents called List of Supplement Instructions and Guidelines for Serial Supplements as well as follow the cataloging standards found in RDAMARC 21 Bibliographic, and the CONSER Cataloging Manual or CCM. If you have any questions about the supplement(s), please ask the Serials Cataloging Supervisor for assistance

RDA Glossary Terms for Supplement

supplement (expression)
An expression of a work that updates or otherwise complements a predominant expression.
Reciprocal relationship: supplement to (expression).
supplement (work)
A work that updates or otherwise complements a predominant work.
Reciprocal relationship: supplement to (work).
supplement to (expression)
An expression of a work that is updated or otherwise complemented by an augmenting expression.
Reciprocal relationship: supplement (expression).
supplement to (work)
A work that is updated or otherwise complemented by an augmenting work.
Reciprocal relationship: supplement (work).

CONSER Cataloging Manual Pertaining to Supplements

Processing Tête-Bêche Format Supplements

Term: Tête-bêche:

The term "dos-à-dos" is also used to refer to a single volume in which two texts are bound together, with one text rotated 180° relative to the other, such that when one text runs head-to-tail, the other runs tail-to-head. However, this type of binding is properly termed tête-bêche (/tɛtˈbɛʃ/) (from the French meaning "head-to-toe", literally referring to a type of bed).[7] Books bound in this way have no back cover, but instead have two front covers and a single spine with two titles. When a reader reaches the end of the text of one of the works, the next page is the (upside-down) last page of the other work. These volumes are also referred to as "upside-down books" or "reversible books".

Processing tête-bêche supplements:

  • Add a "Tête-bêche format sups (flip over sups):" note to the check in record.
  • Add a public note to the box. "Incl tête-bêche format sup: [Sup. Title]".The supplement title usually comes from the front cover of the tête-bêche supplement or mentioned somewhere in the issue.