StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

What to do in the event that a patron requests an unprocessed item in Acquisitions:

If a patron requests an item that is being held at serials but not yet checked in, follow these guidelines:

  • If the item is a DUPLICATE, direct the patron to the copy already on the shelves.
  • If the item is the last issue of a DROPPED title, talk to the Accounts Payable Manager or Receiving Specialist first.

For all other items:

  • Check the item in and label it.
  • Barcode the item and create an item record (regardless of whether or not you would normally do this for the item, as these are needed to loan the item to the patron).
  • Apply a security strip and University stamp to the item (same rule as above).
  • Walk the patron to the help desk and, with the assistance of User Services staff, have the patron check the item out to his or her account.
  • Place a HOLD on the item, using an Acquisitions staff member's account (can be done online through the library website). This will trigger a notification when the item gets returned, at which point you can pick up the item from the help desk (bring your ID).
  • Make sure the item's processing is complete before sending it to the collection. NOTE: If User Services checks the item out to your account when you retrieve it, return it to the help desk rather than placing it on the departmental pickup shelf. That way, the item will be cleared from your account. User Services staff will then take care of routing the item to its appropriate location in the collection.