StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Gift Addresses and Changes to the Address

Gift Addresses and Changes to the Address:

  • NOTE: As of mid-2017, we only need to update the vendor address field if/when we send a letter to the vendor. This is the only time we would need the vendor's mailing address. If this is the case, update the vendor address field in the check in record as well as the non-paid order record at this time.
  • Please ask the Receiving Specialist if you have any questions about this process.

Processing Address Changes

Address Changes: 

All address changes for paid titles need to be given to the Accounts Payable Manager for review.

All address changes for non-paid titles can be reviewed and processed by the Receiving Specialist.

  • When FORM 3547 is received from the US Postal Service, identify publication for which address change has occurred.
  •  You can use the create list function in Sierra based on ‘city’ in the vendor address field (q).
  •  Change address in check in and non-paid order records as necessary.

Address Changes for Non-Paid Titles:

  • In the check in record enter the new vendor/publisher address information in the ven.addr. field (q) using all capital letters.
    • Image of a check in record and example of the vendor address field in Sierra.
  • Verify that the old vendor information is the same as given in the non-paid order record.
    1. If both the non-paid order record and the check in record have the same ven.addr. field, delete the old vendor information from the check in record only; Do not delete the old vendor information in the order record. Follow the instructions on how we retain that old vendor information for historical purposes only.
    2. If different, copy the old information from the check in record to the order record and add it as an int. note field (z) with “PREV ADDR:” at the beginning of the line; date and initial at the end. (See image below).
  • Copy the entire new vendor address field (CTRL-C) from the check in record and paste the field (CTRL-V) into the non-paid order record.
  • Retain old address information (in the order record only) by changing the ven.addr. field (q) for the old information into an int. note field (z). Enter “PREV ADDR:” at the beginning of the old vendor address. Add the date and your initials at the end of the line. (See image below).
    • Image of an order record in Sierra and how to notate previous vendor addresses and the current vendor address.
  • If there is additional new contact information [i.e. phone number, fax number, e-mail]. Enter this information with a note (n) in the check in record onlyDo not delete old contact information unless it is verified as out of date/obsolete information.
  • Retain this old contact information by entering “PREV CONTACT:” at the beginning of the old information; add date & initials at the end of the information line.

EXCHANGE TITLES – Be sure vendor information is for the exchange partner, not for a publisher of issuing agency. Exchange title information needs to be up to date in the check in record, the non-paid order record, and the Exchange Notebook (Access) found in the Serials Drive.