StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing


Titles going to Binding:

  • Do not need to be stamped or stripped.
  • Can be placed directly in the binding basket.
  • Can be directly labeled.
    • For items that have instructions to send them to binding, but the check-in record's location is other than binding: Cross out the location that prints off on the call number label and pencil in "bind" (do not use a pen). Alternatively, you can temporarily change the record's location to bind so the label prints as such (remember to change it back to its default location afterwards).
  • Should be counted under "bind" on the statistics sheet.

Often titles sent to binding will have their own Check-In Record.

Binding Check-In Record

Or there may be a check-in record note indicating that only specific types of items (usually thin supplements and indexes) should be sent to binding.

Binding Check-In Note

These will need a modified call number label that has "bind" as the location.