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Hold Shelf Drawer (HSD): Using Excel


The Hold Shelf Drawer (HSD) excel workbook holds processing information about publications that are not cataloged in Sierra.

The HSD excel workbook can be found in the Serials Drive called Alexandria.

The workbook consists of 2 sheets: ARK and A-Z. 

  • The ARK sheet consists of Arkansas titles.
  • The A-Z sheet consists of non-Arkansas related titles.

The sheets are organized alphabetically by title in the rows and consist of columns titled: Title, Alt Title, Author, ISSN, Instructions/Notes, and Date Recd. The ARK sheet is not in exact order, so it is best to use the find feature.

For various reasons, the "find & select" feature in the upper right-hand corner of Excel is very useful for finding a title in the HSD spreadsheet; for example, the title that appears on the cover or at first glance is sometimes listed under "alt title," and newsletters are usually found more easily by searching via the author/organization that publishes them. When using this feature, keep in mind that it only searches the sheet you are currently viewing. 

Titles listed in the HSD workbook are here because they are not cataloged in Sierra or we are still receiving the issue long after we decided not to add them to the libraries anymore. In the Instructions/Notes column it may include:

  • DISCARD: If the instructions tell you to DISCARD, you may discard the issues. After typing in month/year recd in the Date Recd column for that title, the issue can go to the recycle bin.
  • Sending issues unclassed: These issues should be sent uncataloged to a person or location indicated in the Instructions/Notes column after typing in month/year recd in the Date Recd column for that title.
  • Canceled titles: If a title is listed in the HSD and it has been canceled or dropped; issues may be discarded after typing in month/year recd in the Date Recd column for that title. IF CANCELED TITLE NOT LISTED IN HSD: Send to the Serials Processing Specialist for cancelation shelf review.
  • Other types of situations: Special circumstance, follow the instructions in the Instructions/Notes column.

Most commonly, you should consult the HSD when, after running multiple searches, you cannot locate a title in Sierra, or if a publication has been designated canceled (or dropped). A review of the HSD is a step in several procedures.

Sometimes multiple issues of a title will arrive in a single month. These can be indicated in the Date Recd column as 2/17 (x2) or however many have arrived.

Sending Unclassed Material

Sending Items Unclassed (uncataloged):

Occasionally check in record notes or the HSD spreadsheet will instruct you to send an item unclassed (sometimes referred to as uncataloged) to a person or section of the library. Note: if you are instructed to send unclassed via the HSD spreadsheet, be sure to follow the normal HSD procedure by entering the date the item was received (Month/Year). 

When this occurs, use the following procedure:

  • Obtain an envelope and mark through any identifying information (mailing label/addresses/etc). 
  • Put the unclassed item in the envelope and write with marker in the upper left hand section: the library department the item is to be sent to and then below that UNCLASSED. 

          Unclassed Item

This item is being sent to ARKCO/SPEC COLL as unclassed. 

  • Place the envelope on the appropriate department shelf.