StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Loose Leaf Items

How to Process Loose Leaf Items

A few publications we receive arrive in Looseleaf format. These items require additional steps during the check-in process and will say LOOSELEAF in one of the top check-in notes. They are to be labeled according to the same procedures for other items, depending on location (most looseleaf items will be processed for either MAIN or ARKCO).

If the item is going to MAIN, you may need to hole-punch it, although most looseleaf items arrive already hole-punched. Also, note that looseleaf items do not need a security strip, since they will be placed in a binder that already has a strip.

After going through the usual check-in process, follow these additional steps:

  • Obtain an envelope and mark through any identifying information (mailing label/addresses/etc). Used envelopes can be found on the wooden cart next to the Serials Processing Table, or new ones can be obtained from the Content Services supply cabinet.
  • Put the loose leaf item in the envelope and write with marker in the upper left hand section: the library department the item is to be sent to and then below that "Looseleaf Filing." 
  • Place the envelope on the appropriate department shelf.
  • For items going to MAIN, place the envelope in the Circulation inbox, located next to the door on the opposite side of the wall with the pickup shelves.
    • NOTE: Some binders that contain loose leaf items are located in STORM (the Library Annex).
      • For these items, you would still place the envelope in the Circulation inbox rather than the library annex pickup shelf, and write STORM as the location.
      • Also, write the binder's barcode on the envelope. This will make it easier for Library Annex staff to know which binder to file the loose leaf item in.

Occasionally, an item that we do not normally expect to receive in looseleaf form will arrive that way. This has happened with a few Arkansas annual reports, for instance. Some check-in records for these titles will alert you that an issue may arrive in looseleaf form and contain instructions on how to handle these. If the title is normally expected to be received in some other form besides looseleaf, you will generally need to send it to Preservation for in-house binding.

When sending such items to Preservation for review, please follow these steps:

  • Check the item in, but do not label or barcode the item. Place the labels and barcode (if needed) on a piece of waxy paper and attach it to the item with a paper clip.
  • In the public note box, enter "@serials:binding (date/initials)." In the staff note box, if desired, enter a brief explanation of why it's at binding, such as "in-house binding."
  • If checking in the item requires you to create an item record, set the status of the item to a=AT SERIALS.
  • Indicate on a post-it note that the item arrived loose-leaf and is to be in-house bound.
  • Place the item in the binding basket next to the Preservation office.