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Capturing PDFs

Sometimes (usually for Arkansas titles), check-in record notes will indicate that a PDF must be captured for digital preservation of the issue you are physically checking in. When you see these record notes, you will need to follow the PDF capture procedure outlined in this section. 

Here is a record note for a title whose PDF must be captured at check-in:

PDF Capture instructions

You may occasionally come across a record with no instructions, but the staff notes indicate that the PDFs for the title are normally captured upon check-in (see image at the bottom for an example of this type of note). In this event, please add instructions to the check-in notes similar to the one above.

When you are instructed to capture a PDF, utilize the following procedure: 

  • Check the issue in normally.
  • After check-in, return to the record tab, and right click on the URL listed in the record notes. (URLs should appear directly above the ~~Parameters note and are offset with highlighted text). If the URL is not located in the record notes, examine the Bib record by clicking the Edit icon in the top right portion of Sierra, then looking for MARC tag 856. (Again, the URL should appear highlighted). You can add the URL to the check-in record notes for convenience.

URL for PDF capturing

  • The Open URL option will open the URL in your browser of choice. From this point, websites will vary in configuration, but all should contain at least the most recent issue, if not an archive of recent and past issues. Find the link that corresponds to the issue you are checking in and open the PDF. 
  • Once the PDF opens, save it to the preservation drive (now called Wright), under the corresponding title. The titles in Wright are arranged into alphabetical folders. Most of what you capture will fall under one of these, or the University-related Publications folder. Check these folders for the corresponding title, and save the PDF in the title's folder. When naming the file, follow the general naming patterns already established in the folder.
  • If the PDF link is broken or not working: if the link is in the 856 field of the bib record, report the broken link to eSerials via Trello, who will search for a new link. If the link is only in the check-in record, you can search for a new link containing the archives and add it. If no good link is found, let the Serials Processing Specialist know.

      Folders in Cluseau preservation drive

  • Once you have saved the file, click to open the file in Wright to ensure that the file opens and has saved properly. 
  • Finally, in the check-in record card, find the issue box corresponding to the PDF you have saved and add the staff note: PDF@serials (D/I). Click OK.

       Captured PDF staff note

     7. Save the card. 

Note: If you need assistance in mapping a network drive (Wright/Alexandria) to your computer, follow the Mapping a Drive procedure.

Note: If the journal is password protected, the username and password can be found in either the Check-In Record notes or the Order Record notes.