StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Vendor Changes


If you notice vendor change notes in the check-in record, send the issue to the Receiving Specialist for review. These notes should be at the top of the check-in record and say “PENDING VENDOR CHANGE: [info regarding vendor change and which issue to send for review]." There will also be a note in the check-in card prompting you to send the issue for review. To see what the Receiving Specialist does upon receiving these issues, see section below.

You may also learn about vendor changes from vendors or publisher correspondence. Any e-mails, vendor notifications, letters, editor’s notes, etc. that indicate an upcoming vendor change should be forwarded to the Receiving Specialist.

Vendor Changes

Vendor Changes: 

  • The vendor change procedure involves the Accounts Payable Manager, and the Serials Receiving Specialist. This is only for paid serials.
  • Note: The term “vendor” can refer to either the publisher or the distributor from which we acquire paid subscriptions or standing orders.)

Accounts Payable Manager:

  • Cancel the subscription or standing order with the current/old vendor.
  • Place an order with the new vendor.
  • Send an email notification to the Receiving Specialist about the vendor change.

Receiving Specialist:

  •  Check in record:
    • Add a 5 dash note field (n) to the check in record. 5 dash notes go under the "~~Parameters: " note.
      • Add a 5 dash note field (n) to the check in record. 5 dash notes go under the "~~Parameters: " note.
  • Check in card:
    • Insert a suppressed box in front of the last issue of the old vendor subscription and in front of the first issue of the new vendor subscription.
    • The public note in the box will be "VENDOR CHG: from (old vendor code) to (new vendor code) starting w/ (YYYY) (date and initials)".
      • ​For example: "VENDOR CHG: from 2harr to 2ebsc starting w/ 2019 (09/19/18 anm)"
        • Image of pending vendor change box in the check in card in Sierra.
  • If we haven't received the first issue of the new vendor subscription yet, do the following:
    • Add a message field to the check in record letting Serials staff know to give you (the Receiving Specialist) the 1st issue of the new vendor subscription for review.
      • For example: Add the following to the message field: "Send v.84 no.1 (Jan. 2019) to "your first name" (date and initials)".
        • "Send v.84 no.1 (Jan. 2019) to Ashley (09/19/18 anm)"
  • After the 1st issue of the new vendor subscription is checked in and passed to you for review, change the vendor code field to the new vendor code. Then the issue can go to the Serials processing table.

Receiving Specialist:

  • Check in the last issue under the old vendor subscription then send the issue to the Receiving Specialist for review. Write on a Post-It "Vendor chg (date and initials)" and place the Post-It on the front cover of the issue.
  •  Watch for vendor change notes and make claims with the correct vendor.