StaffGuide: Receiving & Processing

Flawless Replacement Copies for Damaged Issues

A flawless copy/replacement has arrived.

There should be two check-in boxes (a damaged issue box and a suppressed perfect copy box). Upon seeing these two boxes you will know that you have received the replacement copy. Examine the replacement to make sure it's in good condition and/or make any necessary repairs or consultations w/ binding.

To check in the perfect copy:

  • Check-in using the box labeled Perfect Copy Reqd (do not count on the stat sheet, as the damaged issue should have originally been counted).
  • Delete the public note and add Perfect Copy Recd (d/i) in staff box.
  • Un-suppress box.
  • Delete the claim notes in the check-in record for the replacement copy claim for this issue.

Perfect copy requestedPerfect copy received

Obtain the damaged copy from claims agent’s shelf and:

  • Change the status of the damaged/defective copy to REMOVED and suppress the box.
  • Move the Damaged (or) Defective (d/i) note in the public box to the staff box of damaged/defective issue
  • Add a public box note: “Discarded (d/i)”
  • Suppress the box.
  • Discard the damaged issue.

Damaged and Discarded

Replacements Ordered by Serials Acquisitions Needed for Binding

Replacements ordered by Acquisitions for lost or damaged issues needed for Binding:

Occasionally, when a free replacement of a journal is unavailable or an issue of a journal is lost, the Preservation, Conservation, and Teaching Coordinator might make a decision to have the Accounts Payable Manager purchase a replacement copy. The Receiving Specialist assists with the handling of these items, for example, with labeling.

Check out the Replacements section in the Serials Access & Claiming StaffGuide for more details on this procedure and who does what.