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Check In—Telephone Directories

Check In—Telephone Directories:


  • Serials uses the suppressed bibliographic record (b39868175) to check in all telephone directories. Another way to search for the telephone directories record is by doing a “z – Other Call #” search for “tele”. 
  • Serials no longer has standing orders for telephone directories. We only check in free copies of the “PhoneBk 004300 - FAYE SPRING AR” and “PhoneBk 004796 - NW, ARK” if they are available. Sometimes we can acquire a copy from a library staff member or the Serials Access Specialist ends up claiming for a copy. 

Checking In the Free Telephone Directories: 


  • Withdraw and discard the past copy:
    • Before checking in the telephone directory, go find the past copy from the Reference Desk and bring it back to your desk.
    • You will stamp the past copy as "withdrawn" and discard the copy.
    • In Sierra, you will change the box status to "removed". Then, add a public note "Discarded (date/initials)". Lastly, suppress the box. Keep 2 years worth of suppressed boxes and delete past boxes as needed. 
  • Proceed to check in the latest copy.
  • Statistics for telephone directories:
    • Telephone directory statistics are found on the "Counted Only By Serials" stat sheet.